Still Here?! Good!

Apologies for not blogging in quite some time. I have been in the works of some big changes like being primarily based out of Las Vegas, NV again! That’s right – I am back living in Las Vegas! For this year I am primarily working as a Visiting Professor in the Couple and Family Therapy […]

Back in Las Vegas!

I’m excited to be back in familiar stomping grounds here in Las Vegas, Nevada for two exciting events. On Saturday, March 18, I’ll be presenting “Tantra For Two With A Twist,” an educational session for couples. We’ll discuss techniques that partners can use during intimacy to slow things down, find a greater connection, and discover […]

Let’s Talk about Sex-in School!

Here I sit at the Minneapolis International Airport getting ready to catch a flight to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada . I have been invited to give a talk on sex education in North American Schools via the University of Manitoba Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics with the brilliant Dr. Jessica O’Reilly. I could not be […]

BDSM: Who and What?

With the launching of the most recent cinematic installation of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, more and more people are asking what BDSM is and who engages in such practices? Currently, I am part of a group of researchers,┬áincluding Dr. Michael Aaron, Dulcinea Pitagora and graduate research assistant Serenity Curtis, who are exploring BDSM […]

My Second Sit-Down with the Great Northern Sexcast

It was my pleasure to sit down with Kelly and Colleen, hosts of the Great Northern Sexcast, for the second time. This time, we talked about Sex Speak Sessions in the Twin Cities and beyond. We also got into the topics of polyamory, “monogamish,” compersion, cheating and healing, and more. Listen here or on the […]


Welcome to! Thank you for your interest in my work, and for the opportunity to share my thoughts with you, and hopefully be of some assistance to you and your relationships. This site is a portal into contacting me to set up a clinical consultation, a research talk, interview, Tantra for Two workshop, Sex […]