Back in Las Vegas!

I’m excited to be back in familiar stomping grounds here in Las Vegas, Nevada for two exciting events. On Saturday, March 18, I’ll be presenting “Tantra For Two With A Twist,” an educational session for couples. We’ll discuss techniques that partners can use during intimacy to slow things down, find a greater connection, and discover and explore each other’s secret desires.

“Tantra For Two With A Twist” explores the often forgotten Tantric path of Dakishna Marga (the right-hand path), involving yogic practices without sexual activity. We also touch on Vara Marga – yogic practices focusing on sexual positions – which is what most Westerners think of when they think of Tantra.

Past participants have said that “Tantra For Two With A Twist” gave them a new perspective on intimacy and gave them plenty of ideas to explore when they get home! Even partners of 40 years and more said that the session helped them learn new things about their loved one.

This session will be held at Harry Mohney’s Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas as part of the 2017 Adult Film Festival.

tantra for two Vegas

On Sunday, March 19, I will be presenting “Exploring our Sexual Future: Digisexualities of Today and Tomorrow” at the same venue. In this talk, we will reflect on current digisexualities (e.g., digital pornography, sex dolls, teledildonics, etc.) of today and future digisexualities (e.g., sex robots, virtual reality, augmented reality, etc.) of tomorrow. We will also explore how digisexualities enhance relationships, as well as possible ways to effectively manage the challenges they present.

It should be an amazing few days, so please join us!



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