Sex Speak Sessions

screenshot-2017-02-25-at-12-42-08-pmDr. Markie Twist started Sex Speak Sessions out of the belief that every person has the right to live a sexually healthy and fulfilling life, regardless of their educational or economic background, or access to relationship and sexual health providers. The purpose of #SexSpeakSessions are to offer a public place to discuss sex and relationships. And they are FREE! Inspired by the #FreeSexAdvice sessions by Francisco Ramirez, Dr. Markie believes such public, and free discussions around sexuality and relationships are one small way to make the world a more sexually healthy and kind place for everyone.

When Dr. Markie is holding a Sex Speak Session the place, date, and time are shared, as well as through the Sex Speak Sessions social media. Once at the location, one can find Dr. Markie Twist, as the primary provider, near a sign that reads, “#SexSpeakSessions: Come Speak with US about Sex and Relationships.” Any individual, couple, family, or relational system member, 18 and older (or a minor accompanied by a parent(s) and/or legal guardian), can come talk with Dr. Markie, and it will be a free, confidential and/or an anonymous discussion.

From time to time, Dr. Markie will hold group Sex Speak Sessions that focus on a specific topic. Participants will engage in a group discussion with Dr. Markie serving as moderator. In addition to the walk-up and group Sex Speak Sessions, from time to time, Dr. Markie will hold part of the Sex Speak Session on Facebook Live via the Sex Speak Sessions page, and will answer questions posted by online participants.

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Participants in a Sex Speak Session can discuss any topic they would like regarding sexuality and relationships, with the following topics showing the greatest frequency: gender, sexual health, dating, consensual non-monogamy, kink, safer sex practices, and communicating with family members and/or partner(s) about sex-related topics. This discussion with Dr. Markie will simply be an honest conversation. It will not be therapy or the giving of advice.

Sex Speak Sessions schedule:

  • Currently, there are no Sex Speak Sessions scheduled for the summer. Check back in the spring!

For more information on #SexSpeakSessions, and/or to schedule a #SexSpeakSession today, contact Dr. Markie!


*Cartoon of Dr. Markie Twist holding a #SexSpeakSession by Coltan Schoenike.