Let’s Talk about Sex-in School!

Here I sit at the Minneapolis International Airport getting ready to catch a flight to Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada . I have been invited to give a talk on sex education in North American Schools via the University of Manitoba Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics with the brilliant Dr. Jessica O’Reilly. I could not be more excited to share some of the innovative ways that we talk about sexuality, gender, and relationships in our schools here in the United States, and learn more of how the same topics are discussed in schools in Canada.

This talk is taking place at McNally Robinson in Winnipeg, Manitoba on March 9th from 7:30-9pm. I hope those of you in the area can join us! Ahead of this talk, Dr. Jess be interviewing me on the subject of “open relationships” on Facebook Live on the 9th from 11:30am-12:30pm. You can watch the video at www.facebook.com/sexwithdrjess or www.facebook.com/drmarkietwist. This is a great time to have your questions about consensual non-monogamy, multi-partnered relationships, polyamory, and much more answered!


Some of innovative sex education techniques and tools I will be discussing include the #SexSpeakSessions that I created and have lead in various places in the Midwestern United States, but have not had a chance to conduct a session internationally yet–until now! I will be holding a Sex Speak Session on March 10th from 12-3pm on the University of Manitoba campus, concourse lounge, university college. Please, stop in and get your questions about gender, sexual ethics, safer sex practices, relationships, and any other questions you may have answered!


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