My First Time with the Great Northern Sexcast


What a pleasure it was to talk with Kelly and Colleen, hosts of the Great Northern Sexcast, for the first time! I am encouraged by their drive and passion to bring accurate and interesting information about sexuality to the great state of Minnesota. A huge, “Thank you” to both of them.

I so enjoyed sharing about my growing up experiences in the small, remote, and rural village of Houston, Alaska, especially as I thank my parents everyday for their comprehensive, and developmentally-appropriate sex-positive approach to my sexuality education, which influenced me to go into the field sexology and sex therapy.

It was also great to discuss my research, and clinical and consultation work around the role of technology in relationships. Questions about how to manage technology as a couple and family emerge daily in my work, as well as queries about ethically managing an online practice. So, I was happy to answer some of these kinds of questions on the podcast. For those readers who want to learn more about how to better deal with issues related online non-consensual non-monogamy (infidelity), online dating, out of control online behaviors, cyber bullying, and more, please check out my co-authored book, “The Couple and Family Technology Framework: Intimate Relationships in a Digital Age.”

To hear more about technology and relationships, and about my work as a sexuality researcher, educator, and therapist tune in to the podcast in the player or on their website.

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