Sex With Dr. Jess Podcast on Digisexuals, Teledildonics, Relationship Anarchy and More

While I was speaking outside of Toronto at the Guelph Sexuality Conference, I had a chance to visit with my friends/colleagues Drs. Jess O’Reilly and Neil McArthur for Dr. Jess’s podcast sponsored by Desire Resorts. We had an opportunity to discuss the term digisexuality which Dr. McArthur and I first academically coined when we wrote for the Sexual and Relationship Therapy journal. While speaking in London at the annual College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists conference I also had a chance to present on digisexuality, which has resulted in a well-received and much needed dialogue. In addition to discussing digisexuality we also discussed relationship anarchy and multi-partnered relationships, including often undiscussed partnership types like affectional and parenting partners. To learn more I hope you will listen to the podcast here:

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